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Stefano Zenni 

'' Giorgio Rossini's study of male jazz vocality is the first of its kind and reveals new, useful knowledge to a repertoire usually overlooked by analysis ''

Francesco Guccini

'' Congratulations on this arrangement of my songs ...

... a truly unexpected and particular version of Auschwitz ''


The book "Canto Jazz e Improvvisazione" exposes an in-depth analysis of male vocal improvisation; the volume begins with the glossary of the terms most used in this field of study, and [...]

Luciano Federighi

'' Very vibrant music, full of intriguing ideas. Of course, linked to the poetry of Yeats in a way that I would not have expected but that still works and returns today, in a very modern key, to make [...]

Antonino Di Vita, JAZZIT 

'' The guitarist and singer Giorgio Rossini realizes a fascinating project: to interpret the lyrics of William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) through a jazz pronunciation (mainstream). To do this, he uses a quintet from [...]

Jadranka Subic

'' A very particular style, including scat and the modern Broadway Musical.
A very cultured vocal interpretation! ''

Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis

" I believe the only Italian text on the subject, it reads pleasantly, and,

after an initial glossary which immediately clarifies terms relating to Jazz singing

(and not only), enter the merits of the topic with the analysis and the [...]

Marco Milanesi, RADIO GAS

'' To bring to jazz the expressive richness of the language of the Irish poet William Butler Yeats, this is the intent of the singer and guitarist Giorgio Rossini. He himself took care of adapting texts and music, making this album together with [...]


"Rossini is one of the most original figures among Italian male jazz voices"


'' As can be understood from the title, the work conducted in quintet by the guitarist and singer Giorgio Rossini refers to the songbook by Francesco Guccini, specially arranged in a jazz key. Solutions designed by [...]

Roberto Rossetti, ZIOMUSIC

Today we talk about jazz.

The book "Canto jazz e improvvisazione, indagine sulla voce maschile" analyzes some types of voices that are expressed in this genre but before opening the cover and discovering it, let's do a little [...]

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