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Marco Milanesi, RADIO GAS

To bring to jazz the expressive richness of the language of the Irish poet William Butler Yeats, this is the intent of the singer and guitarist Giorgio Rossini. He himself took care of adapting texts and music, making this record together with good travel companions. The basic breath is that of modern jazz, of the type that allows you to explore large spaces of introspection, which suggests with a certain spontaneity the punctuation of the lyrical and reflection aspects in which Yeats' lyrics inevitably make the listener run. This cross of things is interesting, at least original.

If we want to add that there are very few male voices in the panorama of Italian jazz, the result is even more encouraging.

In this work there are some intense moments, especially in those songs that see the insertion of the tenor sax by Marco De Cotiis, who manages to give a good prominence to Rossini's story. Pleasant atmospheres also arise from the overall sound, when "Gothic" when happier, probably following the sense of the Irish poet's lyrics.

I would not opt for a listening in a green lawn that reminds Ireland, too scenic.

Rather I would choose a comfortable corner of the house, where I could read the Irish poet's lyrics calmly.

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